Stefanija is a singer, songwriter/composer, dancer, choreographer, performing artist, actress. A graduated pop/ jazz singer. She is a founder of the music production and recording studio “Welcome to STEFANIJA’s Music World”. She is founder of the “Anastasia Center,” performing arts, music, fashion and dance center (2017), where she teaches singing, music therapy, dancing and modeling. She has participated in numerous stage performances, home and abroad for which she has been highly recognized and rewarded. Stefanija is an all-around talented artist with passion, drive and ambition. Her work and talent can be seen in musicals, solo concerts, theatre consisting singing, acting and dancing, an author’s performances directed by Stefanija, such as: “The girl with the long hair” musical solo performance in 2016 (toured around Pelagonia’s region), performances “Fly Project 1” in 2013 and “Fly Project 2” in 2015.  Stefanija’s real passion is singing. Her voice is versatile, sensual and recognizable. She released her first music album called “Retro> Perspective” in 2015, as a symbol for 11-years period as a solo performer. The album consists of 11 songs to symbolize her 11 year solo performance. She has written most of the songs on the album in Macedonian and English lyrics of which some are new arrangement to her old teenage songs that carry symbolic and truly inspirational messages. Stefanija promoted her album around the country of Macedonia in iconic cultural venues in a truly artist way that she is, including children with hearing and speaking disabilities!   She started singing from an early age and has taken part in many singing festivals and competitions such as “Music idol” – Macedonia in 2010.